5 best (or worst…) alcopop drinks

Okay, so come on, admit it – we all had a drink of at least one of these alcopop drinks – but how many of them did you try during the 90’s?

1: Blue WKD 

WKD alcopop drink

Still available today and still widely drunk by people looking to tap a nostalgia hit (i suppose!).  Blue WKD is supposed to have the taste of berries (of some description) but instead tastes like…. well I don’t really know – whatever it is, it’s not a natural flavour!  Do you remember drinking it?  Could you describe its taste? 🤔

2: Hooch

Hooch alcopop drink

Ahh Hooch – we all have a soft spot for Hooch here at the 90’s nostalgia club – but do you remember it’s fruity taste? No, neither do we….

3: White Lightning 

White Lightning cider bottle

Not really an alcopop, we know – but a drink of enough significance to warrant being added to this list.  Now, here’s a real contender for drink of the decade: a drink so potent it made Castlemaine XXXX look positively weak by comparison.  A beverage so vile in flavour, you remember it in your nightmares – yet, we all drank it.  What was that all about!?

4: Barcardi Breezer

breezer alcopop drink

A classic alcoholic beverage – tangy (almost sour) flavour. If you remember drinking this, it was probably whilst listening to some 2Unlimited….

5: Reef

reef alcopop drink

Not the most well remembered of the 5, but still significant enough for most of us to remember.  An intense fruity orange flavour was all that was left on the tongue following several of these alcopops. Well, that and a banging hangover, of course.

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