5 Things you could do in the 1990’s, but can’t do now

Here’s 5 things we all took for granted back in the 1990’s, but seem to have either been replaced or just seem to have phased out over the years.  Which of them do you remember?

Dialled onto the internet

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With our always on world, it’s easy to forget that the internet was a bit of an oddity in the late 80’s and early 90’s.  Dial-up was a way for people to connect to the internet using their phone lines – the only problem with this was that it was mighty slow – speeds never really went over 56kbits a second.  Compare that to the mbits / gbits we have today and you begin to understand why people weren’t sure if the internet was actually going to take off.  Another major drawback of using your phone line was that you could make or receive calls whilst somebody was on the internet – frustrating indeed!

Getting gunged or slimed on national TV

gunged on TV gif

Something of an oddity, especially when you look back on it.  The main idea was that winners or losers of TV shows would be gunged (or slimed if you’re from the states).  The colour varied a bit but the main colour tended to be a bright, almost neon green.  Popularised by shows like Fun House and Get Your Own Back, it was a unique experience to watch, and it was one of the things most 90’s kids wanted to be part of!

Rewinding VHS cassettes so you can watch them again quickly.

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Anybody who owned a VHS player can attest to how frustrating it was when you put a tape in to watch, only to find it hadn’t been re-wound by the previous person who’d watched it.  You then had to rewind the tape (which could take several minutes depending on the speed of your player) before you could start watching the movie.  The only plus side to this was that you could fast forward through all the warnings at the start – something that just isn’t possible today!

Desperately wanting to be one of the contestants on The Crystal Maze (the original!)

Crystal Maze gif

The new version may be out now, giving us all a warm nostalgic glow, but the original (still considered the better of the two) was something of a craze when it first aired way back in 1990.  Contestants had to complete different puzzles in 4 ‘themed’ zones, ranging from Aztec to Industrial.  Each puzzle successfully completed awarded a crystal.  The more you collected, the more time you had in the final zone where you could win cash.  Some of the puzzles were fiendishly difficult with others proving to be quite easy.  Still, one on the bucket list for a lot of 90’s kids!

Making mix-tapes from the top 40 on Radio One

tape cassette gif

Mix tapes are now a thing of the past – with instant streaming of millions of songs on apps like Spotify and iTunes, they’re now ancient history, but we’re pretty sure that most people tended to listen to Radio One official top 40 for one reason: to pirate their favourite songs and add them to a blank (mix) tape.  There was a bit of an art to this – you had to make sure you didn’t record the DJ talking before the start or end of the song, and you also had to record a little bit of blank space between each song to ensure there was a gap between the songs.

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