90’s food we all remember eating!

Here’s a bunch of (not so nutritious) food that most 90’s kids should remember eating or drinking.  Which did you try?

Sunny Delight

Because what says ‘health’ better than a litre tub of surgery orange juice?  This was originally a huge hit in the States, before being brought over to the UK 1998.  However, in 1999 controversy hit the brand when a girl’s skin turned orange after drinking too much of it.

Rainbow drops

Mmm, surgery balls of nothing – what a wonderful taste!  Despite being made way before World War 2, they’re fondly remembered by most of us old enough to have lived through the 90’s.

Micro Chips



Remember these coming out?  Chips microwaved in under 3 minutes!  They weren’t exactly a taste sensation, however they must have done something right as they’re still being sold today!

Findus Crispy Pancakes

An absolute classic – “pancakes” filled with different fillings ranging from minced beef and onion to ham and cheese.  One thing we all remember though – burning your mouth on the first bite!

So, which of these did you remember?  Let us know in the comments below!


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